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Family Therapy

Individual Therapy: Services

At Valley Counselling and Psychotherapy Services we can help you move through the issues your family needs support in.  Whether it be the challenges of parenting, grief, medical diagnosis, or separation and divorce we will use evidence-based practice to assist you.  You let us know what will be useful for you and we will work together to get you there.

Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy that can assist family members to improve communication and resolve conflicts.

Family therapy is often short term. It may include all family members or just those able or willing to participate. Your specific treatment plan will depend on your family's situation. Family therapy sessions can teach you skills to deepen family connections and get through stressful times, even once you're no longer going to therapy.

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Therapy Can Help You

Recover from an upsetting or traumatic experience

Change long-held unhealthy patterns

Learn skills to help in your relationships

Sleep better, whether you struggle to fall asleep, or stay asleep

Manage your thoughts and worries

Communicate better with your loved ones

Get through a difficult time or life transition, be it a new job, the loss of a loved one, or another stressful event.

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