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Couples Therapy

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Young Couple

We all know romantic relationships are hard work. At Valley Counselling and Psychological Services we look at relationships like cars, they require regular maintenance to keep them running well. If there's a problem, it’s best to have it repaired right away to avoid further complications down the road.

Often we can do some of the basic maintenance and repairs ourselves. Other times, despite our best efforts, we need to rely on a professional to take a look and give us a hand.


It is interesting how easily and quickly we take such steps to repair or prevent damage to our vehicles. But when it comes to our relationships, we often avoid taking action until the situation has become much more serious.

 Our Stittsville and Arnprior-based therapists can assist you in getting through the repairs. They have experience helping couples of all ages, sexual orientation and cultures.  Couples counselling can help you communicate through conflict, process infidelity, or to work through parenting challenges. You can expect your therapist to help you learn how to listen and how to communicate effectively, giving you the skills you need to take your relationship to the next level.

Therapy Can Help You

Recover from an upsetting or traumatic experience

Change long-held unhealthy patterns

Learn skills to help in your relationships

Sleep better, whether you struggle to fall asleep, or stay asleep

Manage your thoughts and worries

Communicate better with your loved ones

Get through a difficult time or life transition, be it a new job, the loss of a loved one, or another stressful event.

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